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Category:Psittacidae - BirdForum Opus

Family: Psittacidae


This family contains all Parrots from South America, Central America and many from Africa.


Psittacidae is a Family in the Order Psittaciformes.
The Old World Parrots (family Psittaculidae) were formerly included here.

Family Psittacidae viewedit

Genus Psittacus viewedit
P. erithacus Grey Parrot

Genus Poicephalus viewedit
P. fuscicollis Brown-necked Parrot
P. robustus Cape Parrot
P. gulielmi Red-fronted Parrot
P. meyeri Meyer's Parrot
P. rueppellii Rüppell's Parrot
P. cryptoxanthus Brown-headed Parrot
P. crassus Niam-niam Parrot
P. rufiventris Red-bellied Parrot
P. senegalus Senegal Parrot
P. flavifrons Yellow-fronted Parrot

Genus Touit viewedit
T. batavicus Lilac-tailed Parrotlet
T. huetii Scarlet-shouldered Parrotlet
T. costaricensis Red-fronted Parrotlet
T. dilectissimus Blue-fronted Parrotlet
T. purpuratus Sapphire-rumped Parrotlet
T. melanonotus Brown-backed Parrotlet
T. surdus Golden-tailed Parrotlet
T. stictopterus Spot-winged Parrotlet

Genus Psilopsiagon viewedit
P. aymara Gray-hooded Parakeet
P. aurifrons Mountain Parakeet

Genus Bolborhynchus viewedit
B. lineola Barred Parakeet
B. ferrugineifrons Rufous-fronted Parakeet
B. orbygnesius Andean Parakeet

Genus Nannopsittaca viewedit
N. panychlora Tepui Parrotlet
N. dachilleae Amazonian Parrotlet

Genus Myiopsitta viewedit
M. monachus Monk Parakeet

Genus Brotogeris viewedit
B. sanctithomae Tui Parakeet
B. tirica Plain Parakeet
B. versicolurus White-winged Parakeet
B. chiriri Yellow-chevroned Parakeet
B. pyrrhoptera Gray-cheeked Parakeet
B. jugularis Orange-chinned Parakeet
B. cyanoptera Cobalt-winged Parakeet
B. chrysoptera Golden-winged Parakeet

Genus Pionopsitta viewedit
P. pileata Pileated Parrot

Genus Triclaria viewedit
T. malachitacea Blue-bellied Parrot

Genus Hapalopsittaca viewedit
H. amazonina Rusty-faced Parrot
H. fuertesi Indigo-winged Parrot
H. pyrrhops Red-faced Parrot
H. melanotis Black-winged Parrot

Genus Pyrilia viewedit
P. haematotis Brown-hooded Parrot
P. pulchra Rose-faced Parrot
P. pyrilia Saffron-headed Parrot
P. barrabandi Orange-cheeked Parrot
P. caica Caica Parrot
P. aurantiocephala Bald Parrot
P. vulturina Vulturine Parrot

Genus Pionus viewedit
P. fuscus Dusky Parrot
P. sordidus Red-billed Parrot
P. maximiliani Scaly-headed Parrot
P. tumultuosus Speckle-faced Parrot
P. menstruus Blue-headed Parrot
P. senilis White-crowned Parrot
P. chalcopterus Bronze-winged Parrot

Genus Graydidascalus viewedit
G. brachyurus Short-tailed Parrot

Genus Alipiopsitta viewedit
A. xanthops Yellow-faced Parrot

Genus Amazona viewedit
A. festiva Festive Parrot
A. vinacea Vinaceous Parrot
A. tucumana Tucuman Parrot
A. pretrei Red-spectacled Parrot
A. viridigenalis Red-crowned Parrot
A. finschi Lilac-crowned Parrot
A. autumnalis Red-lored Parrot
A. dufresniana Blue-cheeked Parrot
A. rhodocorytha Red-browed Parrot
A. arausiaca Red-necked Parrot
A. versicolor St. Lucia Parrot
A. auropalliata Yellow-naped Parrot
A. oratrix Yellow-headed Parrot
A. ochrocephala Yellow-crowned Parrot
A. barbadensis Yellow-shouldered Parrot
A. aestiva Turquoise-fronted Parrot
A. agilis Black-billed Parrot
A. albifrons White-fronted Parrot
A. xantholora Yellow-lored Parrot
A. collaria Yellow-billed Parrot
A. leucocephala Cuban Parrot
A. ventralis Hispaniolan Parrot
A. vittata Puerto Rican Parrot
A. farinosa Mealy Parrot
A. kawalli Kawall's Parrot
A. imperialis Imperial Parrot
A. brasiliensis Red-tailed Parrot
A. guildingii St. Vincent Parrot
A. amazonica Orange-winged Parrot
A. mercenarius Scaly-naped Parrot

Genus Forpus viewedit
F. modestus Dusky-billed Parrotlet
F. cyanopygius Mexican Parrotlet
F. spengeli Turquoise-winged Parrotlet
F. crassirostris Riparian Parrotlet
F. xanthopterygius Cobalt-rumped Parrotlet
F. passerinus Green-rumped Parrotlet
F. conspicillatus Spectacled Parrotlet
F. coelestis Pacific Parrotlet
F. xanthops Yellow-faced Parrotlet

Genus Pionites viewedit
P. melanocephalus Black-headed Parrot
P. leucogaster White-bellied Parrot

Genus Deroptyus viewedit
D. accipitrinus Red-fan Parrot

Genus Pyrrhura viewedit
P. cruentata Ochre-marked Parakeet
P. devillei Blaze-winged Parakeet
P. frontalis Maroon-bellied Parakeet
P. lepida Pearly Parakeet
P. perlata Crimson-bellied Parakeet
P. molinae Green-cheeked Parakeet
P. pfrimeri Pfrimer's Parakeet
P. griseipectus Gray-breasted Parakeet
P. leucotis Maroon-faced Parakeet
P. picta Painted Parakeet
P. amazonum Santarem Parakeet
P. lucianii Bonaparte's Parakeet
P. roseifrons Rose-fronted Parakeet
P. viridicata Santa Marta Parakeet
P. egregia Fiery-shouldered Parakeet
P. melanura Maroon-tailed Parakeet
P. orcesi El Oro Parakeet
P. rupicola Black-capped Parakeet
P. albipectus White-necked Parakeet
P. calliptera Brown-breasted Parakeet
P. hoematotis Red-eared Parakeet
P. rhodocephala Rose-headed Parakeet
P. hoffmanni Sulphur-winged Parakeet

Genus Enicognathus viewedit
E. ferrugineus Austral Parakeet
E. leptorhynchus Slender-billed Parakeet

Genus Cyanoliseus viewedit
C. patagonus Burrowing Parakeet

Genus Anodorhynchus viewedit
A. hyacinthinus Hyacinth Macaw
A. glaucus Glaucous Macaw
A. leari Indigo Macaw

Genus Rhynchopsitta viewedit
R. pachyrhyncha Thick-billed Parrot
R. terrisi Maroon-fronted Parrot

Genus Eupsittula viewedit
E. nana Olive-throated Parakeet
E. canicularis Orange-fronted Parakeet
E. aurea Peach-fronted Parakeet
E. pertinax Brown-throated Parakeet
E. cactorum Cactus Parakeet

Genus Conuropsis viewedit
Skull t.png C. carolinensis
Carolina Parakeet Skull t.png

Genus Aratinga viewedit
A. weddellii Dusky-headed Parakeet
A. nenday Nanday Parakeet
A. solstitialis Sun Parakeet
A. maculata Sulphur-breasted Parakeet
A. jandaya Jandaya Parakeet
A. auricapillus Golden-capped Parakeet

Genus Cyanopsitta viewedit
C. spixii Spix's Macaw

Genus Orthopsittaca viewedit
O. manilatus Red-bellied Macaw

Genus Primolius viewedit
P. maracana Blue-winged Macaw
P. couloni Blue-headed Macaw
P. auricollis Yellow-collared Macaw

Genus Ara viewedit
A. ararauna Blue-and-yellow Macaw
A. glaucogularis Blue-throated Macaw
A. severus Chestnut-fronted Macaw
Skull t.png A. tricolor
Cuban Macaw Skull t.png
A. rubrogenys Red-fronted Macaw
A. militaris Military Macaw
A. ambiguus Great Green Macaw
A. macao Scarlet Macaw
A. chloropterus Red-and-green Macaw

Genus Leptosittaca viewedit
L. branickii Golden-plumed Parakeet

Genus Ognorhynchus viewedit
O. icterotis Yellow-eared Parrot

Genus Guaruba viewedit
G. guarouba Golden Parakeet

Genus Thectocercus viewedit
T. acuticaudatus Blue-crowned Parakeet

Genus Diopsittaca viewedit
D. nobilis Red-shouldered Macaw

Genus Psittacara viewedit
P. holochlorus Green Parakeet
P. brevipes Socorro Parakeet
P. strenuus Pacific Parakeet
P. finschi Crimson-fronted Parakeet
P. wagleri Scarlet-fronted Parakeet
P. mitratus Mitred Parakeet
P. erythrogenys Red-masked Parakeet
P. leucophthalmus White-eyed Parakeet
P. euops Cuban Parakeet
P. chloropterus Hispaniolan Parakeet
Skull t.png P. maugei
Puerto Rican Parakeet Skull t.png