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Category:Passeriformes - BirdForum Opus

Order: Passeriformes


Passerines / perching birds.


Passeriformes is an order in the class Aves.

The closest relatives of sparrows and other perching birds are the parrots (Psittaciformes) according to a recent study1.
We follow Clements 2 with this taxonomy.

Order Passeriformes viewedit
Acanthisittidae New Zealand wrens
Calyptomenidae African and Green Broadbills
Eurylaimidae Asian and Grauer's Broadbills
Sapayoidae Sapayoa
Philepittidae Asities
Pittidae Pittidae
Thamnophilidae Typical antbirds
Melanopareiidae Crescentchests
Conopophagidae Gnateaters
Grallariidae Antpittas
Rhinocryptidae Tapaculos
Formicariidae Antthrushes
Furnariidae Ovenbirds and Woodcreepers
Pipridae Manakins
Cotingidae Cotingas
Tityridae Tityras and allies
Oxyruncidae Sharpbill
Tyrannidae Tyrant flycatchers
Menuridae Lyrebirds
Atrichornithidae Scrubbirds
Ptilonorhynchidae Bowerbirds
Climacteridae Australasian Treecreepers
Maluridae Fairywrens
Meliphagidae Honeyeaters
Dasyornithidae Bristlebirds
Pardalotidae Pardalotes
Acanthizidae Thornbills and allies
Pomatostomidae Pseudo-babblers
Orthonychidae Logrunners
Cnemophilidae Satinbirds
Melanocharitidae Berrypeckers and longbills
Mohouidae Whiteheads
Paramythiidae Tit Berrypecker and Crested Berrypecker
Callaeidae Kokako, Saddleback, and Huia (wattlebirds)
Notiomystidae Stitchbird
Psophodidae Whipbirds and Wedgebills
Cinclosomatidae Quail-thrushes and Jewel-babblers
Platysteiridae Wattle-eyes and allies
Vangidae Vangas, Helmetshrikes and Allies
Malaconotidae Bushshrikes and allies
Machaerirhynchidae Boatbills
Artamidae Woodswallows
Cracticidae Currawongs and Butcherbirds
Pityriaseidae Bornean Bristlehead
Aegithinidae Ioras
Campephagidae Cuckooshrikes
Neosittidae Sittellas
Eulacestomatidae Ploughbill
Falcunculidae Shrike-tit
Pachycephalidae Whistlers and allies
Rhagologidae Mottled Berryhunter
Oreoicidae Australo-Papuan Bellbirds
Laniidae Shrikes
Vireonidae Vireos, Shrike-Babblers and Erpornis
Oriolidae Old World orioles
Dicruridae Drongos
Rhipiduridae Fantails
Ifritidae Ifrita
Monarchidae Monarch flycatchers
Corvidae Crows, jays and magpies
Corcoracidae White-winged Chough and Apostlebird
Paradisaeidae Birds-of-paradise
Melampittidae Melampittas
Petroicidae Australasian Robins
Picathartidae Rockfowl
Chaetopidae Rockjumpers
Eupetidae Malaysian Rail-babbler
Panuridae Bearded Reedling
Nicatoridae Nicators
Alaudidae Larks
Hirundinidae Swallows and martins
Stenostiridae Fairy Flycatchers
Paridae Tits and Chickadees
Remizidae Penduline Tits
Aegithalidae Long-tailed Tits
Sittidae Nuthatches
Tichodromidae Wallcreeper
Certhiidae Treecreepers
Troglodytidae Wrens
Polioptilidae Gnatcatchers
Cinclidae Dippers
Pycnonotidae Bulbuls
Regulidae Kinglets
Pnoepygidae Cupwings
Macrosphenidae African Warblers
Scotocercidae Bush Warblers and allies
Phylloscopidae Leaf Warblers
Acrocephalidae Reed Warblers and allies
Locustellidae Grassbirds and allies
Donacobiidae Donacobius
Bernieridae Malagasy Warblers
Cisticolidae Cisticolas and allies
Sylviidae Sylvids
Paradoxornithidae Parrotbills, Wrentit and Allies
Zosteropidae Yuhinas, White-eyes, and Allies
Timaliidae Tree-Babblers, Scimitar-Babblers and Allies
Pellorneidae Fulvettas and Ground Babblers
Leiothrichidae Laughingthrushes
Promeropidae Sugarbirds
Modulatricidae Dapple-throat and Allies
Irenidae Fairy-bluebirds
Hyliotidae Hyliotas
Muscicapidae Old World Flycatchers
Turdidae Thrushes and allies
Mimidae Mockingbirds and Thrashers
Sturnidae Starlings
Buphagidae Oxpeckers
Chloropseidae Leafbirds
Dicaeidae Flowerpeckers
Nectariniidae Sunbirds and Spiderhunters
Prunellidae Accentors
Motacillidae Wagtails and Pipits
Urocynchramidae Przewalski's Rosefinch
Elachuridae Spotted Elachura
Bombycillidae Waxwings
Mohoidae Hawaiian Honeyeaters
Ptiliogonatidae Silky-flycatchers
Dulidae Palmchat
Hylocitreidae Hylocitrea
Hypocoliidae Hypocolius
Peucedramidae Olive Warbler
Calcariidae Longspurs and Snow Bunting
Rhodinocichlidae Thrush-Tanager
Parulidae New World Warblers
Thraupidae Tanagers and allies
Passerellidae New World Buntings and Sparrows
Emberizidae Old World Buntings
Calyptophilidae Chat-Tanagers
Phaenicophilidae Hispaniolan Tanagers
Nesospingidae Puerto Rican Tanager
Spindalidae Spindalises
Zeledoniidae Wrenthrush
Teretistridae Cuban Warblers
Icteriidae Yellow-breasted Chat
Mitrospingidae Mitrospingid Tanagers
Cardinalidae Cardinals and allies
Icteridae New World Orioles and Blackbirds
Fringillidae Finches
Passeridae Old World Sparrows
Ploceidae Weavers
Estrildidae Estrildid Finches
Viduidae Indigobirds and Whydahs


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