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Category:Pipridae - BirdForum Opus

Family: Pipridae




Pipridae is a family in the order Passeriformes.
Piprites are placed here too. As there is some doubt about its taxonomic placement it is sometimes also put in Tyranni Incertae Sedis until further information is found.

Family Pipridae viewedit

Genus Tyranneutes viewedit
T. stolzmanni Dwarf Tyrant-Manakin
T. virescens Tiny Tyrant-Manakin

Genus Neopelma viewedit
N. pallescens Pale-bellied Tyrant-Manakin
N. chrysocephalum Saffron-crested Tyrant-Manakin
N. aurifrons Wied's Tyrant-Manakin
N. chrysolophum Serra do Mar Tyrant-Manakin
N. sulphureiventer Sulphur-bellied Tyrant-Manakin

Genus Chloropipo viewedit
C. flavicapilla Yellow-headed Manakin
C. unicolor Jet Manakin

Genus Antilophia viewedit
A. bokermanni Araripe Manakin
A. galeata Helmeted Manakin

Genus Chiroxiphia viewedit
C. lanceolata Lance-tailed Manakin
C. linearis Long-tailed Manakin
C. pareola Blue-backed Manakin
C. boliviana Yungas Manakin
C. caudata Swallow-tailed Manakin

Genus Ilicura viewedit
I. militaris Pin-tailed Manakin

Genus Masius viewedit
M. chrysopterus Golden-winged Manakin

Genus Corapipo viewedit
C. altera White-ruffed Manakin
C. leucorrhoa White-bibbed Manakin
C. gutturalis White-throated Manakin

Genus Xenopipo viewedit
X. uniformis Olive Manakin
X. atronitens Black Manakin

Genus Cryptopipo viewedit
C. litae Choco Manakin
C. holochlora Green Manakin

Genus Lepidothrix viewedit
L. velutina Velvety Manakin
L. coronata Blue-capped Manakin
L. nattereri Snow-capped Manakin
L. vilasboasi Golden-crowned Manakin
L. iris Opal-crowned Manakin
L. suavissima Orange-bellied Manakin
L. serena White-fronted Manakin
L. isidorei Blue-rumped Manakin
L. coeruleocapilla Cerulean-capped Manakin

Genus Heterocercus viewedit
H. aurantiivertex Orange-crowned Manakin
H. flavivertex Yellow-crowned Manakin
H. linteatus Flame-crowned Manakin

Genus Manacus viewedit
M. candei White-collared Manakin
M. aurantiacus Orange-collared Manakin
M. vitellinus Golden-collared Manakin
M. manacus White-bearded Manakin

Genus Pipra viewedit
P. aureola Crimson-hooded Manakin
P. filicauda Wire-tailed Manakin
P. fasciicauda Band-tailed Manakin

Genus Machaeropterus viewedit
M. deliciosus Club-winged Manakin
M. striolatus Striolated Manakin
M. eckelberryi Painted Manakin
M. regulus Kinglet Manakin
M. pyrocephalus Fiery-capped Manakin

Genus Pseudopipra viewedit
P. pipra White-crowned Manakin

Genus Ceratopipra viewedit
C. cornuta Scarlet-horned Manakin
C. mentalis Red-capped Manakin
C. erythrocephala Golden-headed Manakin
C. rubrocapilla Red-headed Manakin
C. chloromeros Round-tailed Manakin


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