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Category:Paradisaeidae - BirdForum Opus

Male Greater Lophorina displaying
Photo © by Xenospiza

Family: Paradisaeidae


Birds-of-Paradise from Australia, New Guinea and some adjacent islands.
Most Birds-of-Paradise have a incredibly colourful plumage with elongated tail feathers, filamental flank plumes, breast shields, tail wires or elongated wire-like bare occipital plumes.

Females are usually smaller and duller and they lack elongated tail feathers or other specieal features.
The Paradise-crow and the Manucodes reproduce as socially monogamous pairs. All other species of this family are polygynous. Males advertise singly or in leks and perform spectacular poses and dances to attract females. The females build and attend the nest alone.
Due to the polygynous behaviour hybrids are recorded frequently.


Paradisaeidae is a family in the Order Passeriformes.

The three species of the family Cnemophilidae were formerly included in this family.
The Melampittas are now placed in their own family (Melampittidae), too.
Macgregor's Honeyeater was long also belived to be a Bird-of-Paradise but is now placed within the family Meliphagidae.

Family Paradisaeidae viewedit

Genus Lycocorax viewedit
L. pyrrhopterus Paradise-crow

Genus Phonygammus viewedit
P. keraudrenii Trumpet Manucode

Genus Manucodia viewedit
M. comrii Curl-crested Manucode
M. chalybatus Crinkle-collared Manucode
M. jobiensis Jobi Manucode
M. ater Glossy-mantled Manucode

Genus Pteridophora viewedit
P. alberti King of Saxony Bird-of-Paradise

Genus Parotia viewedit
P. carolae Carola's Parotia
P. berlepschi Bronze Parotia
P. sefilata Western Parotia
P. wahnesi Wahnes's Parotia
P. lawesii Lawes's Parotia
P. helenae Eastern Parotia

Genus Seleucidis viewedit
S. melanoleucus Twelve-wired Bird-of-Paradise

Genus Drepanornis viewedit
D. albertisi Black-billed Sicklebill
D. bruijnii Pale-billed Sicklebill

Genus Semioptera viewedit
S. wallacii Standardwing

Genus Lophorina viewedit
L. niedda Vogelkop Lophorina
L. minor Lesser Lophorina
L. superba Greater Lophorina

Genus Ptiloris viewedit
P. paradiseus Paradise Riflebird
P. victoriae Victoria's Riflebird
P. magnificus Magnificent Riflebird
P. intercedens Growling Riflebird

Genus Epimachus viewedit
E. fastosus Black Sicklebill
E. meyeri Brown Sicklebill

Genus Paradigalla viewedit
P. carunculata Long-tailed Paradigalla
P. brevicauda Short-tailed Paradigalla

Genus Astrapia viewedit
A. splendidissima Splendid Astrapia
A. nigra Arfak Astrapia
A. rothschildi Huon Astrapia
A. stephaniae Princess Stephanie's Astrapia
A. mayeri Ribbon-tailed Astrapia

Genus Cicinnurus viewedit
C. regius King Bird-of-Paradise

Genus Diphyllodes viewedit
D. respublica Wilson's Bird-of-Paradise
D. magnificus Magnificent Bird-of-Paradise

Genus Paradisaea viewedit
P. rudolphi Blue Bird-of-Paradise
P. guilielmi Emperor Bird-of-Paradise
P. rubra Red Bird-of-Paradise
P. decora Goldie's Bird-of-Paradise
P. minor Lesser Bird-of-Paradise
P. raggiana Raggiana Bird-of-Paradise
P. apoda Greater Bird-of-Paradise


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