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Category:Zosteropidae - BirdForum Opus

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Family: Zosteropidae


White-eyes are found through Africa, Asia, and Australia


Zosteropidae is a family in the Order Passeriformes.
It is sometimes included in the family Timaliidae.

Family Zosteropidae viewedit

Genus Parayuhina viewedit
P. diademata White-collared Yuhina

Genus Staphida viewedit
S. everetti Chestnut-crested Yuhina
S. castaniceps Striated Yuhina
S. torqueola Indochinese Yuhina

Genus Yuhina viewedit
Y. bakeri White-naped Yuhina
Y. flavicollis Whiskered Yuhina
Y. humilis Burmese Yuhina
Y. gularis Stripe-throated Yuhina
Y. occipitalis Rufous-vented Yuhina
Y. brunneiceps Taiwan Yuhina
Y. nigrimenta Black-chinned Yuhina

Genus Dasycrotapha viewedit
D. speciosa Flame-templed Babbler
S. pygmaeus Visayan Pygmy Babbler
S. plateni Mindanao Pygmy Babbler

Genus Sterrhoptilus viewedit
S. dennistouni Golden-crowned Babbler
S. nigrocapitatus Black-crowned Babbler
S. capitalis Rusty-crowned Babbler

Genus Zosterornis viewedit
Z. whiteheadi Chestnut-faced Babbler
Z. striatus Luzon Striped Babbler
Z. latistriatus Panay Striped Babbler
Z. nigrorum Negros Striped Babbler
Z. hypogrammicus Palawan Striped Babbler

Genus Cleptornis viewedit
C. marchei Golden White-eye

Genus Rukia viewedit
R. ruki Truk White-eye
R. longirostra Long-billed White-eye

Genus Megazosterops viewedit
M. palauensis Giant White-eye

Genus Heleia viewedit
H. javanica Javan Grey-throated White-eye
H. pinaiae Grey-hooded White-eye
H. squamifrons Pygmy White-eye
H. goodfellowi Mindanao White-eye
H. squamiceps Streak-headed White-eye
H. superciliaris Yellow-browed White-eye
H. dohertyi Crested White-eye
H. muelleri Spot-breasted White-eye
H. crassirostris Thick-billed White-eye
H. wallacei Yellow-spectacled White-eye

Genus Apalopteron viewedit
A. familiare Bonin White-eye

Genus Tephrozosterops viewedit
T. stalkeri Bicolored White-eye

Genus Zosterops viewedit
Z. ceylonensis Sri Lanka White-eye
Z. nigrorum Yellowish White-eye
Z. atricapilla Black-capped White-eye
Z. flavilateralis Pale White-eye
Z. mbuluensis Mbulu White-eye
Z. erythropleurus Chestnut-flanked White-eye
Z. simplex Swinhoe's White-eye
Z. emiliae Mountain Black-eye
Z. japonicus Warbling White-eye
Z. palpebrosus Indian White-eye
Z. meyeni Lowland White-eye
Z. semiflavus Marianne White-eye
Z. mouroniensis Comoro White-eye
Z. olivaceus Reunion White-eye
Z. chloronothos Mauritius Olive White-eye
Z. borbonicus Reunion Grey White-eye
Z. mauritianus Mauritius Grey White-eye
Z. abyssinicus Abyssinian White-eye
Z. Socotranus Socotra White-eye
Z. melanocephalus Mount Cameroon Speirops
Z. stenocricotus Forest White-eye
Z. stuhlmanni Green White-eye
Z. eurycricotus Kilimanjaro White-eye
Z. brunneus Fernando Po Speirops
Z. poliogastrus Heuglin's White-eye
Z. kikuyuensis Kikuyu White-eye
Z. ficedulinus Principe White-eye
Z. griseovirescens Annobon White-eye
Z. feae Sao Tome White-eye
Z. lugubris Black-capped Speirops
Z. leucophaeus Principe Speirops
Z. silvanus Taita White-eye
Z. senegalensis Northern Yellow White-eye
Z. pallidus Orange River White-eye
Z. winifredae South Pare White-eye
Z. capensis Cape White-eye
Z. anderssoni Southern Yellow White-eye
Z. vaughani Pemba White-eye
Z. modestus Seychelles White-eye
Z. maderaspatanus Malagasy White-eye
Z. kirki Kirk's White-eye
Z. mayottensis Mayotte White-eye
Z. aldabrensis Aldabra White-eye
Z. chloris Lemon-bellied White-eye
Z. meratusensis Meratus White-eye
Z. flavissimus Wakatobi White-eye
Z. atrifrons Black-crowned White-eye
Z. nehrkorni Sangihe White-eye
Z. somadikartai Togian White-eye
Z. consobrinorum Pale-bellied White-eye
Z. anomalus Black-ringed White-eye
Z. minor Black-fronted White-eye
Z. meeki Tagula White-eye
Z. atriceps Cream-throated White-eye
Z. buruensis Buru White-eye
Z. stalkeri Seram White-eye
Z. flavus Javan White-eye
Z. citrinella Ashy-bellied White-eye
Z. luteus Australian Yellow White-eye
Z. lateralis Silvereye
Z. auriventer Hume's White-eye
Z. melanurus Sangkar White-eye
Z. everetti Everett's White-eye
Z. vellalavella Banded White-eye
Z. sanctaecrucis Santa Cruz White-eye
Z. fuscicapilla Capped White-eye
Z. flavifrons Yellow-fronted White-eye
Z. superciliosa Bare-eyed White-eye
Z. lacertosa Sanford's White-eye
Z. gibbsi Vanikoro White-eye
Z. explorator Layard's White-eye
Z. hypoxanthus Bismarck White-eye
Z. mysorensis Biak White-eye
Z. rendovae Grey-throated White-eye
Z. oleagineus Yap White-eye
Z. finschii Dusky White-eye
Z. ponapensis Pohnpei White-eye
Z. cinereus Kosrae White-eye
Z. rotensis Rota White-eye
Z. metcalfii Yellow-throated White-eye
Z. stresemanni Malaita White-eye
Z. novaeguineae New Guinea White-eye
Z. kuehni Ambon White-eye
Z. grayi Pearl-bellied White-eye
Z. luteirostris Splendid White-eye
Z. uropygialis Golden-bellied White-eye
Z. splendidus Ganongga White-eye
Z. kulambangrae Solomons White-eye
Z. tetiparius Dark-eyed White-eye
Z. natalis Christmas Island White-eye
Z. conspicillatus Bridled White-eye
Z. semperi Caroline Islands White-eye
Z. hypolais Plain White-eye
Z. griseotinctus Louisiade White-eye
Z. murphyi Kolombangara White-eye
Z. inornatus Large Lifou White-eye
Z. albogularis White-chested White-eye
Z. samoensis Samoan White-eye
Skull t.png Z. strenuus
Robust White-eye Skull t.png
Z. tenuirostris Slender-billed White-eye
Z. minutus Small Lifou White-eye
Z. xanthochroa Green-backed White-eye
Z. rennellianus Rennell White-eye


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