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Category:Pelecaniformes - BirdForum Opus

Order: Pelecaniformes



Pelecaniformes is an order in the class Aves.
The Herons, Ibises, the Hamerkop and the Shoebill were formerly placed in Ciconiiformes.
The Cormorants, Anhingas, Boobys and Frigatebirds were formerly placed here, but are now in their own order Suliformes.

Order Pelecaniformes viewedit

Family Pelecanidae viewedit

Genus Pelecanus viewedit
P. erythrorhynchos American White Pelican
P. occidentalis Brown Pelican
P. thagus Peruvian Pelican
P. onocrotalus Great White Pelican
P. conspicillatus Australian Pelican
P. rufescens Pink-backed Pelican
P. philippensis Spot-billed Pelican
P. crispus Dalmatian Pelican

Family Balaenicipitidae viewedit

Genus Balaeniceps viewedit
B. rex Shoebill

Family Scopidae viewedit

Genus Scopus viewedit
S. umbretta Hamerkop

Family Ardeidae viewedit

Genus Tigriornis viewedit
T. leucolopha White-crested Tiger Heron

Genus Tigrisoma viewedit
T. lineatum Rufescent Tiger Heron
T. fasciatum Fasciated Tiger Heron
T. mexicanum Bare-throated Tiger Heron

Genus Cochlearius viewedit
C. cochlearius Boat-billed Heron

Genus Agamia viewedit
A. agami Agami Heron

Genus Zebrilus viewedit
Z. undulatus Zigzag Heron

Genus Botaurus viewedit
B. pinnatus Pinnated Bittern
B. lentiginosus American Bittern
B. stellaris Eurasian Bittern
B. poiciloptilus Australasian Bittern

Genus Ixobrychus viewedit
I. sinensis Yellow Bittern
I. minutus Little Bittern
I. dubius Black-backed Bittern
Skull t.png I. novaezelandiae
New Zealand Bittern Skull t.png
I. eurhythmus Schrenck's Bittern
I. cinnamomeus Cinnamon Bittern
I. sturmii Dwarf Bittern
I. flavicollis Black Bittern
I. exilis Least Bittern
I. involucris Stripe-backed Bittern

Genus Nyctanassa viewedit
N. violacea Yellow-crowned Night Heron

Genus Nycticorax viewedit
N. nycticorax Black-crowned Night Heron
N. caledonicus Nankeen Night Heron

Genus Gorsachius viewedit
G. goisagi Japanese Night Heron
G. melanolophus Malayan Night Heron

Genus Pilherodius viewedit
P. pileatus Capped Heron

Genus Syrigma viewedit
S. sibilatrix Whistling Heron

Genus Egretta viewedit
E. novaehollandiae White-faced Heron
E. eulophotes Chinese Egret
E. garzetta Little Egret
E. gularis Western Reef Heron
E. sacra Pacific Reef Heron
E. thula Snowy Egret
E. caerulea Little Blue Heron
E. tricolor Tricolored Heron
E. rufescens Reddish Egret
E. picata Pied Heron
E. vinaceigula Slaty Egret
E. ardesiaca Black Heron

Genus Calherodius viewedit
C. leuconotus White-backed Night Heron

Genus Oroanassa viewedit
O. magnifica White-eared Night Heron

Genus Butorides viewedit
B. virescens Green Heron
B. striata Striated Heron

Genus Zonerodius viewedit
Z. heliosylus Forest Bittern

Genus Ardeola viewedit
A. ralloides Squacco Heron
A. grayii Indian Pond Heron
A. bacchus Chinese Pond Heron
A. speciosa Javan Pond Heron
A. idae Malagasy Pond Heron
A. rufiventris Rufous-bellied Heron

Genus Bubulcus viewedit
B. ibis Western Cattle Egret
B. coromandus Eastern Cattle Egret

Genus Ardea viewedit
A. herodias Great Blue Heron
A. cinerea Grey Heron
A. cocoi Cocoi Heron
A. pacifica White-necked Heron
A. melanocephala Black-headed Heron
A. humbloti Humblot's Heron
A. insignis White-bellied Heron
A. sumatrana Great-billed Heron
A. goliath Goliath Heron
A. purpurea Purple Heron
A. alba Great Egret
A. intermedia Medium Egret
A. brachyrhyncha Yellow-billed Egret
A. plumifera Plumed Egret

Family Threskiornithidae viewedit

Genus Eudocimus viewedit
E. albus White Ibis
E. ruber Scarlet Ibis

Genus Plegadis viewedit
P. falcinellus Glossy Ibis
P. chihi White-faced Ibis
P. ridgwayi Puna Ibis

Genus Lophotibis viewedit
L. cristata Madagascar Ibis

Genus Cercibis viewedit
C. oxycerca Sharp-tailed Ibis

Genus Mesembrinibis viewedit
M. cayennensis Green Ibis

Genus Phimosus viewedit
P. infuscatus Bare-faced Ibis

Genus Theristicus viewedit
T. caerulescens Plumbeous Ibis
T. caudatus Buff-necked Ibis
T. melanopis Black-faced Ibis
T. branickii Andean Ibis

Genus Threskiornis viewedit
T. aethiopicus African Sacred Ibis
T. bernieri Malagasy Sacred Ibis
Skull t.png T. solitarius
Reunion Ibis Skull t.png
T. melanocephalus Black-headed Ibis
T. molucca Australian Ibis
T. spinicollis Straw-necked Ibis

Genus Pseudibis viewedit
P. papillosa Red-naped Ibis
P. davisoni White-shouldered Ibis
P. gigantea Giant Ibis

Genus Geronticus viewedit
G. eremita Northern Bald Ibis
G. calvus Southern Bald Ibis

Genus Nipponia viewedit
N. nippon Crested Ibis

Genus Bostrychia viewedit
B. olivacea Olive Ibis
B. bocagei Sao Tome Ibis
B. rara Spot-breasted Ibis
B. hagedash Hadada Ibis
B. carunculata Wattled Ibis

Genus Platalea viewedit
P. leucorodia Eurasian Spoonbill
P. regia Royal Spoonbill
P. alba African Spoonbill
P. minor Black-faced Spoonbill
P. flavipes Yellow-billed Spoonbill
P. ajaja Roseate Spoonbill


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