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Common Paradise Kingfisher - BirdForum Opus

ssp. nais: "Amboyna Paradise-kingfisher". Photo © by Rob Hutchinson
Seram, Indonesia, September 2006
Tanysiptera galatea


33–43 cm

  • upperparts dark blue
  • underparts white
  • crown irridescent blue
  • central tail feathers long, blue tipped with white racquets
  • bill red


Southeast Asia: found in Indonesia, Moluccas, Papuan Islands, Australasia: Papua New Guinea



ssp. browningi "Halmahera Paradise-kingfisher". Photo © by THE_FERN. Halmahera, Indonesia, July 2023

There are 15 subspecies [3]. Many of these should probably be better treated as full species [1],[2]. Bioacoustic evidence suggests 6 such taxa (indicated against subspecies below). Aside from acoustic differences, subspecies are mainly distinguished by the shade/intensity of blue and the distribution of white/blue in tail feathers

  • T. (g.) doris: "Morotai Paradise-kingfisher". Morotai (northern Moluccas)
  • T. g. emiliae: "Morotai Paradise-kingfisher". Rau (Moluccas)
  • T. g. browningi: "Halmahera Paradise-kingfisher". Halmahera (northern Moluccas)
  • T. g. brunhildae: "Halmahera Paradise-kingfisher". Doi (Moluccas)
  • T. g. sabrina: "Halmahera Paradise-kingfisher". Kayoa (northern Moluccas)
  • T. (g.) margarethae: "Halmahera Paradise-kingfisher". Bacan (northern Moluccas)
  • T. (g.) obiensis: "Obi Paradise-kingfisher" Central Moluccas (Obi and Bisa)
  • T. g. acis: "Amboyna Paradise-kingfisher". Buru (southern Moluccas)
  • T. g. boanensis: "Amboyna Paradise-kingfisher". Boano (Moluccas)
  • T. (g.) nais: "Amboyna Paradise-kingfisher". Southern Moluccas (Ambon, Manipa, Seram, Manawoka, Gorong)
  • T. (g.) galatea: "Papuan Paradise-kingfisher". North-western New Guinea and western Papuan islands
  • T. g. meyeri: "Papuan Paradise-kingfisher". Northern New Guinea (Mamberamo River to Jimi River Valley)
  • T. g. minor: "Papuan Paradise-kingfisher". Southern New Guinea (Digul River to Kumusi River) and Darnley Island
  • T. g. vulcani: "Papuan Paradise-kingfisher". Manam Island (off Papua New Guinea)
  • T. (g.) rosseliana: "Rossel Paradise-kingfisher". Rossel Island (Louisiade Archipelago)


Lowland moist forests, rainforest and monsoon forest.



The diet includes earthworms, snails, centipedes, beetles, grasshoppers, caterpillars, and lizards.


Monogamous. They excavate a nest chamber in the nests of arboreal termites; 5 eggs are laid and incubated by both sexes who care for the young.


Call: 1-4 long whistles, ending with a loud trill.


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