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Category:Galbuliformes - BirdForum Opus

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Order: Galbuliformes


This order contains the Jacamars and Puffbirds from South America and Central America.


Galbuliformes is an order in the class Aves.

Order Galbuliformes viewedit

Family Bucconidae viewedit

Genus Notharchus viewedit
N. hyperrhynchus White-necked Puffbird
N. macrorhynchos Guianan Puffbird
N. swainsoni Buff-bellied Puffbird
N. pectoralis Black-breasted Puffbird
N. ordii Brown-banded Puffbird
N. tectus Pied Puffbird

Genus Bucco viewedit
B. macrodactylus Chestnut-capped Puffbird
B. tamatia Spotted Puffbird
B. noanamae Sooty-capped Puffbird
B. capensis Collared Puffbird

Genus Nystalus viewedit
N. radiatus Barred Puffbird
N. obamai Western Striolated Puffbird
N. striolatus Eastern Striolated Puffbird
N. chacuru White-eared Puffbird
N. maculatus Spot-backed Puffbird

Genus Hypnelus viewedit
H. ruficollis Russet-throated Puffbird
H. bicinctus Two-banded Puffbird

Genus Malacoptila viewedit
M. fusca White-chested Puffbird
M. semicincta Semicollared Puffbird
M. striata Crescent-chested Puffbird
M. rufa Rufous-necked Puffbird
M. panamensis White-whiskered Puffbird
M. fulvogularis Black-streaked Puffbird
M. mystacalis Moustached Puffbird

Genus Micromonacha viewedit
M. lanceolata Lanceolated Monklet

Genus Nonnula viewedit
N. rubecula Rusty-breasted Nunlet
N. sclateri Fulvous-chinned Nunlet
N. brunnea Brown Nunlet
N. frontalis Gray-cheeked Nunlet
N. ruficapilla Rufous-capped Nunlet
N. amaurocephala Chestnut-headed Nunlet

Genus Hapaloptila viewedit
H. castanea White-faced Nunbird

Genus Monasa viewedit
M. atra Black Nunbird
M. nigrifrons Black-fronted Nunbird
M. morphoeus White-fronted Nunbird
M. flavirostris Yellow-billed Nunbird

Genus Chelidoptera viewedit
C. tenebrosa Swallow-winged Puffbird

Family Galbulidae viewedit

Genus Galbalcyrhynchus viewedit
G. leucotis White-eared Jacamar
G. purusianus Purus Jacamar

Genus Brachygalba viewedit
B. albogularis White-throated Jacamar
B. lugubris Brown Jacamar
B. goeringi Pale-headed Jacamar
B. salmoni Dusky-backed Jacamar

Genus Jacamaralcyon viewedit
J. tridactyla Three-toed Jacamar

Genus Galbula viewedit
G. albirostris Yellow-billed Jacamar
G. cyanicollis Blue-cheeked Jacamar
G. ruficauda Rufous-tailed Jacamar
G. galbula Green-tailed Jacamar
G. tombacea White-chinned Jacamar
G. cyanescens Bluish-fronted Jacamar
G. pastazae Coppery-chested Jacamar
G. chalcothorax Purplish Jacamar
G. leucogastra Bronzy Jacamar
G. dea Paradise Jacamar

Genus Jacamerops viewedit
J. aureus Great Jacamar


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