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Category:Corvus - BirdForum Opus

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Genus: Corvus


Jackdaws, Crows, Ravens, and Rooks is a genus with almost world-wide distribution, occuring in all continents except South America.
They share:

  • Strong, stout legs ending in well-clawed, grasping feet
  • Large heads
  • Powerful bills
  • A black, sometimes black-and-white (or grey) plumage

The members of this genus are generally rather similar and sometimes difficult to tell apart. Most species are highly sociable and many live near humans, sometimes in big cities. Some species are known for their intelligence and even use simple tools like sticks to get their food. As they live near or with men they also found their way into human culture.


Corvus is a genus in the family Corvidae.
As the two Jackdaws differ morphologically, behaviourally and genetically they are sometimes placed in their own genus Coloeus. White-necked Raven and Thick-billed Raven are placed in genus Corvultur and Fan-tailed Raven in Rhinocorax by some authorities.

Genus Corvus viewedit
C. monedula Eurasian Jackdaw
C. dauuricus Daurian Jackdaw
C. splendens House Crow
C. moneduloides New Caledonian Crow
C. unicolor Banggai Crow
C. enca Slender-billed Crow
C. violaceus Violet Crow
C. typicus Piping Crow
C. florensis Flores Crow
C. kubaryi Mariana Crow
C. validus Long-billed Crow
C. woodfordi White-billed Crow
C. meeki Bougainville Crow
C. fuscicapillus Brown-headed Crow
C. tristis Grey Crow
C. capensis Cape Crow
C. frugilegus Rook
C. brachyrhynchos American Crow
C. caurinus Northwestern Crow
C. minutus Palm Crow
C. nasicus Cuban Crow
C. leucognaphalus White-necked Crow
C. jamaicensis Jamaican Crow
C. imparatus Tamaulipas Crow
C. sinaloae Sinaloa Crow
C. ossifragus Fish Crow
C. hawaiiensis Hawaiian Crow
C. cryptoleucus Chihuahuan Raven
C. corone Carrion Crow
C. cornix Hooded Crow
C. macrorhynchos Large-billed Crow
C. orru Torresian Crow
C. insularis Bismarck Crow
C. bennetti Little Crow
C. coronoides Australian Raven
C. mellori Little Raven
C. tasmanicus Forest Raven
C. pectoralis Collared Crow
C. albus Pied Crow
C. ruficollis Brown-necked Raven
C. edithae Somali Crow
C. rhipidurus Fan-tailed Raven
C. albicollis White-necked Raven
C. crassirostris Thick-billed Raven
C. corax Common Raven


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